I go by Lace Au, Felineism is the practice of determining the unknown within myself, as difficult as that may be,
by manipulating words and my fickle emotions. Nature and alcohol are the tools I used to provide information of the Self
I’ve inherited. If along the way you happen to recognized these omens as responses to your similar feels,
occasionally commend me by commenting, liking, and sharing.

I am a woman first, studying Biomedical Sciences and Midwifery. My beliefs are as diverse as my emotions. I do consider myself a natural woman,
a witch of some sort. And I believe my poetry and writings are natural divinations(consisting of the observations of occurrences in the natural world) that
aid me along my journey.

BOOKLISTS are made every month and are a list of books or singular poems that I have absolutely I have fell in love with.
Feel free to share your interest with me as well. ~Blessings~


Gmail: talaysiajohnson@gmail
Google+: Lace Shasti
Tumblr: @mauvepalm


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