Tired eyes

I have lived by the misty lake
with the grumpy mudfish,
and the stubborn algae
that stick to my knees for some time.

Seek me out in the cattails along the bank.
There you will see me, bare
in all my stupidity
for loving a man who cannot see the beauty of the tranquil water
taking up space so beautifully,
like my body in his embrace,
a water lily
floating with no direction,
in the reflected watery sky.

I remembered I would take refuge by the lake
that is glassy in the noontime,
to purify my tears,
calcified tears that
made it hard to see.
I would tred the uncertain lake
with uneasy feet,
my unleveled arms in front of me.
There I was,
with tired eyes and no direction.
Who was I to be then?


3 thoughts on “Tired eyes

  1. Was everything after the semicolon on stupidity a stream of consciousness, up to embrace? But keeping it correlated with the eerie lake scene? And coupd it be that he is in the tranquil water for him to not see its beauty?

    • I chose to break the line at “stupidity” to give emphasis to the only feeling that can be associated with characterizing me at the time. Everything after is correlated with the ‘misty lake’ on purpose. The misty lake has more of relationship with the title (tired eyes). In the poem I am losing my sight and this body of lake, even though i take refuge there, is deceiving me as well as falling in love with this particular guy did. Everything begins to take on human characteristics (the grumpy mudfish, laughing dragonflies..) because along with my sight, my sanity is waning also.
      It’s all very metaphoric

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